Pressured Cooked Chicken in Vodka Sauce

Pressure Cooked
Chicken in Vodka Sauce


3 Pounds Whole Chicken Thighs
(approx 6 Thighs)
8oz Quartered Mushrooms
Oil for Browning Chicken3 Medium Potatoes Split in Half
3 Sm Leek   1/4 to 1/2 tsp Red Pepper Flakes
3 Garlic Cloves1/2 Cup Vodka or Red Wine
1 Can Pasta Sauce 24 oz3 tbs Red Wine Vinegar
1 Can Tomato Paste 6ozFresh Herbs
(I used Rosemary & Thyme)
2 Raw Italian Sausage2 Raw Italian Sausage
1 Md OnionSliced Munster Cheese
1 cup Bell PeppersSalt & Pepper


#1 Mix 1 cup of Vodka with the Red Pepper Flakes & set aside.

#2 Sprinkle Chicken with Salt & Pepper.

#3 Brown Chicken in oil until the skin is beautifully golden brown Saute Leeks & Onions

#4 Saute Leeks & Onions until soft Add Bell Peppers Add Italian Sausage Add Mushrooms

#5 Add Bell Pepper, Italian Sausage & Mushrooms Place Potatoes Around Edge

#6 Add Pepper Flakes & Vodka then stir until evenly mixed.

#7 Place Chicken on top & Potatoes around the edge. Pour Pasta Sauce evenly over the top of everything

#8 Pour Pasta Sauce evenly over the top of everything.

#9 Then dollop the Tomato Paste on top of the Chicken. Do Not Stir! If tomato gets to the bottom of the pressure cooker pot it could burn!

#10 Set Pressure Cooker to High Pressure for 10 minutes then release pressure naturally.

#11 Remove Chicken from pot & set aside. (You don’t want to break up the Chicken as you stir in final ingredients)

#12 Add Vinegar, Fresh Tomato, Spinache, Olives & Fresh Herbs & mix well. Taste sauce to check if it needs more vinegar, salt, pepper or red pepper flakes. Add Tomatoes Add Spinache Add Olives Add Fresh Herbs

#13 If you would like the Vodka Sauce to be pink add the cream now. Serve Chicken & Potato on a large plate so you have plenty of room for the delicious Vodka Sauce!

Don’t forget to top with some nice Cheese! Enjoy!

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